Experimenting with Silhouette and Heat Transfer Vinyl

I've only owned my Silhouette Cameo for about a month, but I'm really loving my experience with it. Previously my only cutting machine use had been mainly for making cards. I ventured out into some regular vinyl with my Cricut Mini, but I never touched the heat transfer vinyl at all.

Well, I finally got brave last week. I saw all the neat things other people were making with Silhouette and Cricut so I decided to buy some heat transfer vinyl from Jo-Ann Fabric and have a go at it. I was glad I watched a few You Tube videos. I was so used to using the mat to cut paper that it was a little foreign to me to feed the vinyl through the machine without it. Thankfully I also learned to mirror the design and also to have the correct side of the vinyl up when feeding it into the machine.

My very first project was to take one of my son's old t-shirts and made it into a PJ shirt for my grandson. I don't have a photo, but I did a little moon and put the words "Good Night" on the front. The success of that project made me brave enough to try a t-shirt for Father's Day.

Pinterest has some good diagrams for width and placement of designs. I wasn't real sure how to get things lined up evenly, so I folded the t-shirt in half and ironed a bit of a crease center front. Then I did a crease from under arm to underarm. In the end it helped me to get the lettering straight. I was pretty happy with the result and my husband loves it! Now one of our neighbors would like a shirt. I just got some new vinyl and can't wait to try. Neighbors, kids, grand kids...

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