Christmas Crochet Jar Topper

If you enjoy crochet and want to make a fun project, the pattern for the little jar topper comes from the 2015 Special Issue of Annie's Christmas. *  I'd never purchased an Annie's Magazine before, but I'm really looking forward to making another jar topper and trying some of the other patterns. This would be great on top of  a homemade jelly or a cute top for a gift in a jar.

I've only been doing filet crochet for about a year, and it was a fairly easy pattern to follow.  I used 1.7 mm hook and for the white I used number 10 crochet cotton. The wreath was crocheted with Iris Embroidery Cotton. I had picked up a large bag of assorted colors last summer.

Instead of using ribbon for gathering my jar topper, I chained 120 chains with the red embroidery cotton and single crocheted one row. The little red bow is just a length of chain stitches that I tied and stitched on. I had some little assorted beads that worked nicely for embellishing the wreath.

That's it for today! Keep crafting and see you next time.

*Link is included for pattern source only and is not an endorsement for affiliate link.

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