"Celebrate" With A Sweet July 4th Bouquet

     What would a July 4th celebration be without a few treats. Inspired by the latest the summer edition of Craft Ideas magazine that I checked out at the library the other day, I decided I needed to make my own version for our family July 4th celebration.

      I have this sort of  "What do I have on hand?"  philosophy, so I  (very quickly) spray painted a coffee can and decorated with glitter tape instead of using a terracotta pot. All the papers for the little paper decorations were ones I had on hand. I used the Cricut to cut out the circles, stars and lettering. For picks I used wooden skewers.
To be super cheap I used some foam packaging that was inside the box of a recent purchase to stick the wooden skewers into.

     The candy was purchased at Dollar Tree and was the most expensive part of the project!

     Now to keep every one's hands out until the holiday. It could be tough!  I love a good challenge so I'm entering  V's Sweet Ideas Blog Challenge-Celebrate.  There are some really cute projects over there for inspiration.

      I'm ready to celebrate, how about you? Have a wonderful weekend.


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