Easy Watercolor Greeting Cards

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed weekend. We sure did!

After all the awful cold from the past week, it felt amazing to have warmer temps, even if it was still a bit brisk. The birds were singing when we walked outside to leave for church yesterday, and I was reminded how God's mercies are new every morning and we can sing praises to him for that.

Last week was such a blur. Our oldest daughter and her family recently moved back to the area and I've been helping with childcare. Those little guys sure keep a grammy busy.

I wanted to write about the watercolor greeting cards I've been working on. They are so simple and are just a nice way to send a greeting that says "You're special to me."

I'm not the world's greatest painter, and watercolor would normally not be my medium of choice, but I love to immerse myself in new things and try to experience art as fully as I can. I decided to give it a try.  I started to make a few watercolor cards after doing the watercolor portraits of the grand kids and I've been having fun with it.

While this isn't really a tutorial, I'll try to briefly talk about how I did each card and then maybe you can try some for yourself.

This first one was inspired by a paper crafting magazine that I had checked out from the library. I'll have to let you know the issue if I find it again, because I returned it to the library before I started this post. I simply made a butterfly stencil of my own and laid it down for each butterfly.  I did a little bit of wash, working within the stencil, and then flicked a little bit dryer brush for the antennae. In the end I hand stamped this cute little sentiment, wishing that it had been down in the corner a bit more. I mounted it on orange paper and then mounted it on the A2 size card. It just makes a sweet little pastel card for lots of occasions.

For this card I just masked off a sections with frog tape to make the lines and just did a little color in between. Removing the frog tape can be a little tricky. Go gently. I added a K & Company scrapbook embellishment. Maybe some day I'll get better at painting flowers and try my own. I hand stamped a thank you on this card and mounted in on violet card stock before mounting it to my card. So easy!

For the final card I simply drew a balloon and shaded it with watercolor pencil. I also used a straight edge to draw the yellow stripes and colored them. I wet the colored pencil and did a little blending. I drew the outline of the balloon, and the string with a fine line black sharpie. Be sure your image is dry. The sharpie does bleed ever so slightly. I'm thinking about switching to a gel pen. The "Happy Birthday" was done with a green Paper Mate 1.0 M pen. The entire card was layered with blue and green card stock before mounting to the card. This one is just in time for our grandson's birthday this week.

It is really easy to make your own watercolor cards. Hope you'll try some and let me know how you like it. Have a great day!

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