Salsa and Applesauce Labels

Wow! Summer went fast. I can't believe that in just one week, my high school kids will have their first day of school. Where did it go?

We had the new grand babe, a beautiful little boy, who I hope to see and wrap in my arms this weekend.

Yesterday I picked up another daughter from the airport, who flew in from out of state. It's been a year since we saw her. It looks like a sunny day and I'm hoping we can spend a little time out at the county fair.

All this time flying by, county fair and brief walks to the garden, remind me that it's apple and tomato time. So although I usually like vintage looking, I did a little bit of a fun twist on my salsa label. I also created an apple label for apple sauce or whatever other apple products. There are two versions of each. I think I'll print some out for my own canning jars.


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