Butterfly Birthday Card

I love craft cardstock and when I saw the idea for this card on a pack of dot paper I'd purchased, I knew I had to try it. I had a party to go to last night and so it gave me the perfect reason to make cards yesterday.

I switched up the sketch a little, making it horizontal instead of vertical. The butterflies are about an inch tall and cut out with Cricut. I adhered tiny clear stones to each one. I'd also bought a new gel pen, so I stamped the sentiment in white and then carefully wrote over the top with the white gel pen to make it stand out a little more. Since I'd cut out multiple butterflies in each color I put together a pack of "Thank you" cards with a similar design.

While I was at it I had to play with the new gears embossing folder I'd bought on special. I don't alway admit it, but I like steampunk, and so I'm sure it has a future. But I also thought it looked really cute with this robot sticker that I bought at Dollar Tree-like last year already. He was just waiting for the gears to turn...right?

How inexpensive can you make a card when you get a several stickers for a buck? Easy and adorable too! I got a little too excited though and didn't really leave much room for an outside sentiment before I had him glued on there. He's a pretty tall guy though, and not so easy to fit on an A2 card. But I have a tentative plan that I think will work.

Last but not least a had to play with the other half of the embossing folder special and that was some borders. I did the border on this card and of course played with the gel pen again.  I colored the roses with colored pencil. Can tell I'm a bit of a newbie with some of these new toys, huh?
Today is a basket weaving day, so I better get busy. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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