Vintage Collage Tag

Our daughter's wedding is creeping up on us and the great procrastinator, that I am, finally found a dress. Imagine the mister sitting in a chair, snoozing just a little, while I tried on nearly every blue dress I could find at JCPenney. Yep, that was us!

The one I bought turned out to be the last one I tried on. You'd have to know me, I dislike shopping so much... but we rewarded ourselves with dinner out, something we don't do too often.

Things are getting done. I finished weaving the flower girl basket. Over the weekend we even took some time time out in the canoe and doing a little swimming before the big, busy week.

Here is a collage tag I put together. There is a little bit of edge around it that I didn't get a chance to edit out yet, but it does re-size nice and looks super nice printed out on cardstock.

Have a great day!  

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